Donald Goines: Daddy Cool


[FR : Je découvre les vachement durs polars de Donald Goines, ancien détenu. Ici, l’histoire d’un tueur à gages. Clique le lien et ensuite “Preview this book” pour visionner l’adaptation en BD.]

I recently discovered the author Donald Goines. I bought “Daddy Cool” (1974) when I recognized his publisher, Holloway House, which published all the Icebeg Slim books. Turned out to be great.

Goines, a black american, got out of jail in 1970 and wrote tons of crime fiction based on his life experiences. A rapid end was imposed on his career when he was shot dead in 1974.

This hardcore story of the life and times of a professional hitman was a fast read. Dated black culture stuff, tight writing and plenty of sex and action are the selling points, just as with Chester Himes and Iceberg Slim. I will surely be reading some more of this junk.

What’s more, this book was adapted into a comic book, and you can even look at part of it if you’re curious: it’s available for previewing on Google Books. Finally, technology is being put to good use. Just click this link, and then click “Preview this book”.

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