Benidorm Trip Report


[FR : Bienvenue à Benidorm, perle de la Côte Blanche !]

I had a great time at the Funtastic Dracula Carnival last weekend in Benidorm. Following are some fascinating observations.

Anybody who’s ever visited Benidorm will tell you that it’s the ugliest city in Spain. Symbol of atrocious overdevelopment of Spain’s coastline, it is the destination for zillions of elderly Brits, arriving on Ryanair for a cheap holiday in the sun (see photos). They are not there to discover Spanish culture. In particular, it is nearly impossible to find a proper Spanish restaurant, among all the chip and kebab shops and British pubs. That’s what these people want, along with a pint of their usual British beer.

The proof was when I went to get lunch with real Spanish people, and we walked at least half a mile without finding anything edible whatsoever. Finally we got hot dogs and kebabs.

However, after searching everywhere, I can tell you (for your next visit, I know you can’t wait!) that there are two excellent restaurants in town:
Cordoba – passela de la Carretera 29 – fresh fish
la Caya aragona – plaça de la Constitucio – tapas
I will also give a thumbs-up to my hotel, the Santa Faz, which was cheap, clean, and in a good location.

Alcohol testing was also on my program. Spanish doses of hard alcohol are very generous, France could learn a lot from these fine people. Spanish brandy seems much lighter than most French cognacs. This did not discourage me. Numerous brands are available in all the bars, and it’s pretty cheap. There is also 43, which seems to be a liquor-flavored brandy, or vice-versa.

Sylvia from Barcelona says that all the worst bars in Spain serve Soberano brandy. The band Los Soberanos is named after this drink (go figure). Here is their cute video clip.

That’s all I know about Benidorm.

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