Friends don’t let friends use Facebook donations / fundraisers


[FR : Utilise un site indépendant pour ta campagne de crowdfunding pour éviter que Facebook enregistre et exploite (1) tes actions et (2) ta carte bancaire.]


Friends have been using the Facebook donation/fundraiser machinery. This is a bad idea for numerous reasons. Here are three big ones.

1. Facebook records, and will then exploit, every click you make concerning a charitable donation. What’s more, they do not share all this information with the charities.
2. Your personal data is not safe with Facebook. This includes your donation propensities. Need proof ? Just google “facebook data breach”.

data breaches
3. Facebook insists on capturing your PayPal or credit card information. You may not have noticed this, but they say “CONNECT PayPal” and “ADD new card”. This means that your PayPal or card information will be retained by Facebook “to facilitate future transactions.” You are not given the option (like on most sites) to not capture the info. Do you want Facebook to retain your card information ? (See #2 above.) So Facebook’s “kindness” in facilitating charitable donations allows them to harvest personal data (#1 above) and credit card information for free.

add new card

When I run into this situation, I send the money to the person directly with PayPal rather than going through Facebook donations.

Organizing a crowdfunding or fundraising campaign ? There are numerous independent sites that can be used instead, while still publicizing your campaign on FB.

When I want to donate to a campaign that is on one of these sites, I do not click through Facebook (which will capture my activity) ; I go to the fundraising site in a new window, navigate to the fundraiser’s page and make my donation.

Here are some more articles on this subject.


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