How to get to the Poor Cow bar in Tokyo


(aka Rock ‘n’ Roll Meeting Place/Stay Free/Fifi’s Bar)

Photos updated August 2016.

Go to the Shimo-kitazawa station.
(You may need to change trains/lines. Just keep asking people.)
(The fares are complicated. If you don’t understand them, just buy a cheap ticket; you can pay the difference when you exit.)



Go to the South exit of the station.









At the bottom of the exit stairs, turn left and go through the tunnel. Keep walking straight after the tunnel.



At the supermarket, turn right.


At the second corner, turn left.


There is a Chinese restaurant on the ground floor.


Go up the exterior staircase to the 4th floor.


Now have a drink. The walk takes about 4 minutes total, starting from the station. The bar is open most nights starting at about 8pm (20h) and closes when everyone leaves.


2 Responses to “How to get to the Poor Cow bar in Tokyo”

  1. 1 Johnny Smith


    Thanks so much for the directions to Fifi’s bar. I don’t reckon I would have found it without them! Great bar, so much fantastic rock’n’roll history plastered across the walls, and Fifi isa perfect host. Everyone who loves rock’n’roll should visit Poor Cow.


  1. 1 Tokyo Punk | 1 Minuto de Gloria

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